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  • Bonnie’s Choice

    Bonnie’s Choice

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    The little girl saw her daddy waiting below. Without a thought of fear, she jumped off the low roof and plunked into his arms. Her daddy was big and strong, and he knew how to take care of her. But her mom had bruises, and Bonnie didn’t realize they came from a strength gone wrong. […]

  • God’s Secret Agent

    God’s Secret Agent



    Nicu wanted to serve God in any capacity he could, but he had not anticipated an assignment full of danger and sleepless nights. Yet the opportunity sparked a sense of excitement and purpose. Nicu constantly had to place his life in God’s hands. As he did, he witnessed miracle after miracle. A faith-strengthening story of […]

  • Kindred Hearts For God

    Kindred Hearts For God


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    How can I respect my parents when we don’t agree? I’m worried about what to do with my future. God doesn’t seem to hear me when I pray. Does anyone understand how I feel? My friend is mad at me, and I don’t know how to reach out to her. If you face dilemmas like […]

  • Pardon’s Price

    Pardon’s Price



    As a young woman growing up in the third century, Rachel Gallus has access to all the attractions and excess Rome has to offer: the games at the Colosseum, vivacious friends, and slaves to attend to her every whim. Yet questions haunt her thoughts─questio

  • Where the Road Divides

    Where the Road Divides



    In the second century A.D., seventeen-year-old Laurentia finds herself living in Smyrna during a fearful era for followers of Christ. Wanting to live a happy and safe life, she resists her family’s urgings to choose the narrow road of Christianity, lookin

Showing all 5 results