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  • Birth and Babies



    A Keeper’s Book. In response to hundreds of requests why Keeper’s at Home is not published more than four times a year, the Keeper’s Book Series was born to fill that need. Packed with over 40 articles from 36 KAH readers and writers, Birth and Babies wil

  • Caregivers



    Strength for those who care for the elderly and special children.

  • Infertility



    Packed with encouragement for those facing the challenges of infertility, miscarriage, adoption, and foster care.

  • Just Married!



    A great book for newlyweds. Full of good advice from experienced voices.

  • Organization



    A great help to get your life more orderly and organized! The third Keeper’sBook.

  • Perfect Pies Cookbook



    When the occasion calls for the finest homemade dessert, is there a better way than with a homemade pie to give your guests the best? Perfect pies offers lots of recipes, special pie fillings and pie crusts. Invite perfect pies into your kitchen and experience the fabulous aromas and mouth watering tastes of homemade pies, […]

  • Protecting their Purity



    This is a good resource for protecting innocent children from sexual abuse. Stories and how-to for mothers.

  • Penny Wise



    This book is packed with inspiration and information that will help you be a better steward of the time, money, and talents God has blessed you with.

Showing all 8 results