Becky McGurrin

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  • Adopted



    One mother’s heartrending loss, broken promises, and unexpected joy. A true story of bitter disappointment transformed by a loving God who blesses her beyond what she ever imagined.

  • Just Plain Becky

    Just Plain BeckyTen true accounts by first generation Mennonites



    This is From Streetlights to Star with seven added chapters. You will enjoy this heart-warming account of one family’s search for a church that followed the teachings of the Bible in everyday living.

  • Somewhere in the Skies

    Somewhere in the Skies



    This is the moving account of a tragic farming accident that shocked the Shenandoah Valley. It is the story of how five souls who loved the Lord went to be with Him, and how God provided for the two girls left behind. A soul-stirring story, this book reminds us that though life on earth is […]

Showing all 3 results