Harvey Yoder

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    A Good Different



    “I am not taking care of you! You are not wanted here and are worth nothing to me! Get out!” Joyce cowered under the onslaught and left. You will be inspired as you read of the many miracles in the lives of this Kenyan couple.

  • In Search of Home

    In Search of Home



    No one had ever understood Zumrat, a Muslim. Not even her own mother. Now her marriage was failing and her heart was in turmoil. To make matters worse, a friend was trying to convince her to look to the Christian God, Jesus, for her answers. If she believed this, she would be disowned, despised and […]

  • Into Their Hands At Any Cost

    Into Their Hands At Any Cost



    Bible Smuggler. These words immediately conjure pictures of courageous people who risked their lives crossing borders, braving checkpoints, and working at night to avoid the watchful eye of the secret police. These people carried the precious Word of God into communist countries and into the hands of believers. Very interesting!

  • Miss Nancy

    Miss Nancy



    An engaging story of Amish missionary, Nancy Coblentz, and her many interesting experiences she faced while serving in Belize. Whether in drudgery, danger or success, Miss Nancy’s dauntless faith have inspired countless people.

  • One Woman’s Quest



    Growing up in China, Ai-Ming is often reminded what a disappoinment her birth as a girl had been. Broken in spirit and alone in the world she contemplates suicide. But God was at work. Inspiring.

Showing all 5 results