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Dear Daughter



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WHOSE DAUGHTER ARE YOU? For Abraham’s servant, this was an important question. The girl he brought home to be Isaac’s had to be of a good lineage. So he asked Rebekah bluntly, ”Whose daughter are you?” Dutifully Rebekah explained her parentage. And Abraham’s servant was impressed. But I wonder: what impressed him most? Rebekah’s parentage or her courteous behavior in drawing water for his camels? Now, dear daughters, I ask you the same question: whose daughter are you? Surely your desire is to be the daughter of the King and to fit the psalmist’s description, “The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold!” What you are within– that is what makes you a daughter of the King. Do you believe in Jesus, thus cleansing your heart through His blood? Are you clothed in the glorious robe of His righteousness? Then you, too, can be like Rebekah and bring forth the good works that show whose daughter you are. And when I call you “daughter” it is not because you are mine − but a daughter of the King!

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